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Where do you go to get an autism diagnosis in New Mexico?

Laryngenesis Speech Therapy compiled the steps a family must take in order to receive an autism diagnosis evaluation from a medical provider.

Have a list of what your insurance covers:

Insurance plans can vary significantly. You will need to call to ask about your individual plan. If you choose the route of not using insurance, the average cost of out-of-pocket autism evaluations in New Mexico can be costly.

If you have private insurance, there are several options (click the links for more information):

· The UNM Early Childhood Evaluation Program (for children under age 3)

· The UNM Autism Spectrum Evaluation Clinic (for children ages 3 and older)


Scheduling your evaluation with a provider may take time, it’s recommended you call for your appointment as soon as possible.

Autism and the process of diagnosis does not have to be scary! Let Marc at Laryngenesis Speech Therapy guide you through the process.

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