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Does insurance cover services by Bright Side Speech Therapy? 


Bright Side Speech Therapy, LLC currently provides in-network services to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Allways and Harvard Pilgrim. However, we work with all insurances as out-of-network providers. We accept private pay for services not covered by insurance. We will be rolling out with more insurance coverage over time - stay tuned!



Why would my child need speech therapy through this practice if he/she is currently receiving services through the school or Early Intervention (EI)?


Additional services may produce faster gains when given a different approach, setting, and frequency. Studies have shown a higher frequency in therapy will likely result in faster gains. A smaller caseload at our private practice allows for a more personalized and attentive experience for the family and child. Parents or guardians may have different goals addressed at a private practice than EI or schools. Other therapy settings may have large caseloads and have limited availability for therapy. 



How do I get started?


Give us a call or email and tell us about your concern and needs. Phone consultations are free and are a great starting point to start services. After talking to us, we can schedule a screening or an evaluation to initiate treatment. Call (617)-340-9252. 



What is a speech and language screening?


Screenings are an easy way to determine if your child needs further evaluation for a smaller fee than a full assessment. It starts with a brief 15-20 minutes phone consult with you to informally assess all areas of communication or other needs.  



What is the process for a speech and language evaluation?


1. Schedule your appointment.

2. Fill out the Intake Form.

3. Send in your Intake Form before you come via email/fax/mail.

4. Come in with your child (a parent/guardian should be present for evaluation).


The evaluation begins with a parent interview to discuss concerns, medical history, prior services, and possible therapy goals. The evaluation process takes 45 minutes to an 1 hour and consist of standardized testing, clinical observations, and parent/guardian interviews. Once the session is complete, a written summary will be sent to the parent with the speech pathologist's recommendations included. If therapy is recommended and agreed upon, a personalized schedule will be created that best fits the family and child. 



Where does therapy take place?

Depending on the specific circumstances of the family and distance from our clinic location in Framingham, MA, and Hopkinton, MA, therapy will take place in our clinic or via telepractice



Do you provide services to adults?


Yes, we do! Although our focus is on pediatric clients, we absolutely provide therapy regarding concerns with language, stuttering, swallowing, cognition, pragmatic/social skills and more. Disorders that we can help with include stroke, dementia, aphasia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and others. Please call for a consultation to discuss possibility of therapy.  

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