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Laryngenesis Speech Therapy Accepting New Clients at Larger Office

Speech clinic now offers OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY and has no wait list for all services; accepts Medicaid and other insurance plans

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, July 5, 2022 — Laryngenesis Speech Therapy, LLC, a local full-service speech-language-pathology clinic, recently relocated to a larger office in Albuquerque and now offers occupational-therapy services. Laryngenesis is accepting new clients for all services and currently has no wait list. The new office, located at 2716 San Pedro Dr. NE in Albuquerque, provides a spacious, fun, colorful and safe treatment environment for clients, with room for family members to relax while the Laryngenesis team delivers high-quality care. New clients can request an appointment by calling (505) 459-0888.


“We’re all moved into our new office and can’t wait to share it with more clients,” said Marc D. Nez, MS, CCC-SLP, owner of Laryngenesis. “In this space, you can be who you want—be loud, be fun, be yourself. We’re excited to provide much-needed speech-language services and occupational therapy under one roof, with no extra driving required for clients and their families.”


Laryngenesis offers a range of speech-therapy services, starting with a free screening to determine if a prospective client may qualify for treatment. In addition, the clinic offers speech/language evaluations, individual therapy, early-intervention therapy, feeding therapy and home-based services.


Laryngenesis is delighted to now offer occupational-therapy services, too. Laryngenesis’ licensed occupational-therapy professionals can help clients improve functioning and take part in activities essential to their lives. By adding these services, Laryngenesis now makes it possible for clients to receive multiple types of care in one place.


The new office features colorful artwork, comfortable furniture and even a movie room. Clients’ parents and family members can relax and watch a movie while the client receives services, eliminating the need to find childcare during appointments. Multiple treatment rooms and a fun, vibrant, kid-friendly atmosphere round out the clinic environment.

Laryngenesis accepts multiple types of payment including Medicaid plans from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico and Presbyterian, and commercial health plans. The clinic accepts private pay with a sliding scale. Please visit, or call (505) 459-0888, for information about which insurance plans the clinic accepts. Clients will need to provide a doctor’s referral if using insurance.


Laryngenesis is located at 2716 San Pedro Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87109. Please call (505) 459-0888 to schedule an appointment, or visit for more information.


About Laryngenesis Speech Therapy, LLC

Laryngenesis is a health clinic providing speech-language and occupational-therapy services in Albuquerque, NM. The clinic’s licensed speech-language pathologists deliver screenings, speech/language evaluations, individual therapy, early-intervention therapy, feeding therapy and home-based services. Laryngenesis now also provides occupational-therapy services delivered by licensed occupational-therapy professionals. Laryngenesis is a proud LGBTQ-owned business established in 2017.

Laryngenesis Speech Therapy, LLC
2716 San Pedro Dr. NE Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 459-0888 -



Marc D. Nez

(505) 459-0888

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